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Manchester Tech Nights #9

Thursday 11th June 2015, 7pm

Manchester Tech Nights is a meetup aimed at Manchester's technology community, either the people who are making Manchester's tech scene what it is, or just those who are interested and want to keep up-to-date. We want to find out what's going on across the north west, regardless of language. The night kicks off with a headline talk, followed by a series of shorter lightning talks and then an informal chat between attendees.

Attend on Lanyrd

Headline Speaker

How experimentation ultimately drives the innovation cycle

The software delivery problem has evolved, now it's about leveraging the insights that our customers are giving us to build truly innovative products that challenge both their and our own assumptions. Continuous measurement combined with hypothesis driven development generates a fast feedback cycle, a foundation to fail fast and aligns software delivery to business strategy and objectives. In this presentation Kate Logan will share her experience embedding methods of continuous measurement to drive new product offerings forward and leap frog the competition.

Lightning Talks

A Year in Freelancing: The Good, The Bad and the Beard

Phil Lennon

Don't be scared of open source!

Dan Furze

Anonymous Acquisitions: why we don't know who we're hiring and why we're cool with that (for now)

Josh R

Everything I learned about starting a podcast (before releasing my first episode)

Gem Hill


There are 30 second 'elevator' slots available on the night for anyone who wants to talk, just speak to an organiser on the night for the elevator slots, or e-mail hello@manchestertechnights.org with any questions.